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MAHON Events is an International Creative Events Agency with offices in Paris and Ibiza. It provides End to end event management: Organisation, Design, Implementation and delivery of turnkey private and corporate events. Extreme attention is given to detail to make every event outstanding.

I am blessed to have spent the first few years of my life in Ibiza. It was a hippy and happy time. From my earliest memories I felt the hospitality, welcome, kindness and generosity of the ibicenco people.


Ibiza has always been stylish and inspirational even in its former simplicity before becoming the centre of music, fashion and jetset.


Over the years my family returned to Ibiza to celebrate, recuperate, recover and to be inspired. I realised that Ibiza is the answer no matter what the aim is and I would like to share this experience of enjoying the magical and mystical elements even though Ibiza has changed so much over the last decade.


Ibiza is all Islands in one and our purpose is to make your stay or event something that you are able to connect with personally Be it dancing, yoga, VIP  tables, famous clubs, wellbeing, private cultural tours, boats…………… Ibiza is the perfect place to find or re-find yourself in a retreat or for preparation for special moments such as weddings or to make other moments special. The best place to celebrate life.

Rachel Mahon
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